Elizabeth Brennan 

(MBACP Accred) 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (WPF Registered) 

Close to Oxford city centre


Welcome, and thank you for visiting.

We live in challenging times. Climate change is making itself felt all over the world with disturbing consequences in terms of flooding, fire and degrees of heat in certain countries that are frightening to think about. Covid may be here to stay. There is political upheaval in Sudan and a resulting humanitarian crisis that is happening right now and brought to us directly on our television screens. There are record numbers of refugees arriving in the UK fleeing from war zones and poverty. All this can cause anxiety and stress which can lead to depression if such feelings aren't shared.

Where is psychodynamic psychotherapy in all this? You might well wonder how relevant it is!

Perhaps the most difficult thing is facing oneself, in spite of the external threats we face as outlined above. We may realize that things are not quite right, that we keep failing in our relationships for example, that we are feeling stressed and depressed. What we don't realize is that, as Philippa Perry says in her book: How to Stay Sane', '[...] how our brain develops has more to do with our earliest relationships than with genetics; with nurture rather than nature'.

In other words our earliest experiences from infancy onwards are of utmost importance and psychodynamic psychotherapy with a therapist with whom you can build a close, trusting relationship, can help you learn much about yourself, and to recognize when thoughts and feelings become obsessive and lead you away from happiness and nurturing relationships. This process may take time but may be supremely well worth it. Regard therapy (or psychotherapy) as an investment in yourself.

You will notice that I am using the word 'therapy' rather than 'counselling' which is defined as: 'The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems'. Therapy can help you access the inner world of feelings that we all have, but of which we may not be fully aware. There may be memories of trauma from the past which you have managed not to think about, but will still be there somewhere within you. It can be immensely freeing for our personality and sense of ourselves to talk about these in a safe space.

As a psychodynamic psychotherapist speaking French and German fluently, I believe I can help you. Even if you speak English really well, it can be of enormous benefit to speak in your native language to explain the problems you are having in your present life and to talk about the past.

  • I see people from an age range of about 18-60 and over.

  • I have been a practising psychodynamic psychotherapist in Oxford for the past 10 years.

I am happy to work with you in French or German if you would prefer.

I am now offering face to face sessions again but am happy to work online (via Zoom) with those of you who would prefer this.

Qualifications & How I Work

I am an accredited member of BACP. I trained at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation in London. I have an honours degree in German and French from Oxford University. After finishing my training in 2010, I worked for 2 years in the psychotherapy department at St Thomas's in London.

My clients are adults and young people who may be experiencing depression, trauma or relationship problems which are distressing them.

Before starting sessions I like to meet for an initial consultation to see if you could benefit from this kind of work. This consultation usually lasts about one and a half hours. I am now offering face to face sessions again but am happy to work online (via Zoom) with those of you who would prefer this.

If in the first few sessions I felt that some other kind of therapy would be more suitable for you, I would let you know.

Is Psychotherapy For Me?

Most of us at some time in our life have encountered difficulties, such as problems in a close relationship, or a recurring pattern of failed relationships which can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation. We may have had distressing childhood experiences which can affect us in later life and which we can no longer afford to ignore; or we may be suffering from depression for which there is no obvious reason, or again we may be feeling stuck in some way, trapped in ways of behaving over which we don’t seem to have control.

In psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions you will be encouraged to talk about your innermost thoughts, feelings, anxieties and fears of which you may be unaware and which may manifest themselves in the relationship with your therapist, who will help you to work with this. You therefore integrate a part of yourself which before you did not know about and that can lead to change in how you see yourself and the world.

I recommend your reading the book I mentioned on my home page: 'How to Stay Sane' by Philippa Perry 2012 Macmillan ISBN 978-1-4472-0230-1 which helps to take the mystery out of psychotherapy!

''The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.'

Thoughts of Pascal


If you have any questions that you would like to ask me, please call me and I would be pleased to talk with you. I will always call you back if I am not available when you ring. Alternatively I would be happy to answer any questions you send in an email.

Call: 01865 251203 or 07708 040941

We could then arrange a date to meet if you feel that psychotherapy could help you.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.


I am located at 28 Helen Road, Oxford OX2 0DE.

As a therapist working near Oxford city centre, my practice is easily accessible.


Fees per session: £59.00

Reduced fee for students: £49.00

I will inform you of any planned fee increases. These will usually take effect in April of each year.

Consultation fee: £59.00 per one hour session (£49 for students). This covers the two Zoom sessions when we first meet.

I will aim to let you know in advance the dates when I am working.


I would expect my patients to attend the sessions when I am available and pay a half fee for any which they cannot attend. This is because I keep a space for each person on the same day and at the same time each week, so this becomes 'your space'. Our work together is very important and needs regular sessions.

My email address is: elizabeth@psychotherapywhy.co.uk

My mobile number is: 07708 040941

There will be no fee for any breaks I take.

I will give you good notice of any breaks I intend to take. These would be at Christmas, Easter and in the summer including some half-term breaks during the year.


How long do sessions last?

I offer weekly sessions lasting 50 minutes. These could be increased to twice weekly by agreement between us if we felt they could be helpful to you.

How long will I need to have therapy?

Usually once a week. However, I can see patients twice a week if necessary. Sessions will be on the same day and at the same time each week, although those days or times may change according to personal circumstances.

How long does therapy last?

That depends on the person. Most people I see usually stay a year or two in therapy and some longer. Finishing therapy would be discussed in session so we could reach an agreed date for an ending.

How do I pay?

Most people pay every month by bank transfer. I will give you an invoice showing my bank details. However if you prefer to pay by cheque that is also fine.

Do you do online sessions?

I am offering face to face sessions again but am happy to work with you on Zoom if that is your preference.

Will my information be confidential?

The only person with whom I would normally share details of my work with you would be my supervisor, i.e. a professional colleague. However, if I were concerned about your mental health and there were a risk to yourself or others, including children or vulnerable persons, I would discuss with you the necessity of contacting your GP or some other relevant professional. I would only do this with your permission, unless there were an emergency situation which demanded urgent, on the spot action.

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